About Lubplus

Lubplus is one of the renowned echoes in Industrial and Automobile field. A well-established German

Brand with various regional strong holders all over the world. We are enhancing our services and products with most-modern technology, advanced formulations and high quality assurance with various highly developed and superior test methods applied in laboratory and field.

The permanent chase of Industrial solution in a context of continuous improvement and efficiency is a priority and at the same time the safety of operation with environmental friendly and echo stabilization are prime motive. We are fully committed toward products quality, the highly technical qualified determination in several factors of testing, research and technologies developing and updating according the newly modernize standards and techniques.

We have been providing the right and advanced postmodern comprehensive solution for all the automation zones and Industrial sectors like.

Automobile – Passenger vehicles, Fleet operations, Heady duty vehicles & Motor Bike,

Processing Units – Manufacturing, processing unit, food industry, Construction, Agriculture & Offshore.

Marine : Vessels and Medium and small boats and 2tEngines

Specialized products like – Cement Industry, Paper mills, steel rolling and production line.

We live stream with various type Engine oils and Lubricants as per systemized recommended applications. Heavy duty and process units will be covered with various type additives, Cutting oil, various range of Industrial Oil; hydraulic, Thermal, Refrigeration, Turbine, Cylinder and compressor oils along with very specialized greases categorized on the basis of Industry. We have wide range of specialized products serving in very specialized industries like, wire & tube drawing oil, hot/cold rolling mill lubricants. Marine products will remain complete with all the range of Engine oils and gear oils with complete concentration for specialization of such a differential choice professionally.

Daily eye on the concept and revolutionize of the world demand, we are at the most favorable surface to supply the ultimate variety as per the current market requirements. Our consistency and dedication for customer orientation made us international back-up with entire satisfaction of our distributors and end-users.

We believe the machines with a slogan that best never rest, the same we never rest but to dedicating our scope and maintain the entire solution for powerful ethnic in our motion technologies.

Lubpus, the German technology remain prolong with the commitment and assure all our effort to make your vision and ambition to be on track with our complete obligation to gain your achievement with our Feather touch with Industrial and automobile solutions. Hence, our capacity extended towards Wolds dream, and we at the doorstep to serve your with mild touch and complete awareness.

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