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The importance of breakfluid during colder climates


Whether you are an expert on your car or a new owner, it is important to remind yourself about the basic safety requirements to ensure the smooth and reliable running of your automobile in every climate and condition.

One of the most important factors to consider during the colder seasons is your breakfluid!

LUBPLUS has the complete range of breakfluids you would require to keep you and your car safe. Some problems which arise during winter are:

  • Leaking Hydraulic Lines

Leaking hydraulic lines are a result of:

  1. The built up fluid moisture which can rupture and freeze thin walls
  2. Corroding lines
  • Damaged Internal Seals

Delayed break fluid change results in dangerously high moisture content. Consequently freezing and thawing could wear down internal seals to such an extent that braking performance significantly deteriorate.

Furthermore, a build up of fluids thickens in colder climates resulting in massive damages without any leaking.

  • Seized Calipers and Shoes

A built up of grime on calipers could possibly affect the internal components of your car. Resulting in underperforming calipers which rapidly wear out your break pads.

  • Stuck Emergency Brakes

Dirty winter roads could interfere with your emergency break cables if you car is not well maintained, especially if your parking breaks are not utilized often. This could result in the very dangerous situation, where your break systems lock up during sub-zero conditions. Electronic automatic parking brake systems are the prime suspects of this dangerous occurrence.

Lubplus has an extensive range of break fluids which can effectively and reliably help you resolve this issue.

If you require further information please don't hesitate to contact us on info@lubplus.de

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